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The Business Transformation Center is the leading source for Managed Print Services information, proven-best practices, and real case studies that can help you build and grow your own successful Managed Print Services offering. If you’re already a managed services provider (MSP) or an IT solution provider looking to add a steady, dependable new revenue stream, Managed Print Services are a perfect fit for your business. The site and all of its content is created and produced by Everything Channel in an effort to create awareness of the Xerox Managed Print Services platform, and Xerox’s PagePack 3.0 Managed Print Services Solutions.

Everything Channel is your one-stop-shop for accessing, enabling, managing and accelerating technology sales channels. From branding and recruiting to marketing and sales, Everything Channel offers technology marketers the unmatched breadth and depth of global brands and market intelligence combined with an unparalleled audience loyalty and credibility serving all technology sales channels through an extensive database. Everything Channel provides innovative field sales & marketing solutions to arm the sellers of technology with the resources they need to achieve measurable and significant results. For more information, visit www.everythingchannel.com