Attract New Clients with Xerox eConcierge

Xerox eConcierge® is adding a new dimension to the managed print services portfolio of a growing number of print service providers—and providing them with an additional way to reach new clients.

The Xerox eConcierge platform monitors the printers on a company’s network and enables customers to order supplies through a solution provider’s e-commerce portal. The service supports networked office printers and multifunction devices provided by Xerox as well as HP, Lexmark and Samsung.

Xerox positions the resource as a complement to its PagePack® managed print program, and a number of managed print providers are offering the service to clients, in some cases as an entry point for customers that are not yet ready to move to a long-term managed print contract.

“We got started with the beta program back in early 2011; we jumped at the chance to work with Xerox on the development of the program,” says Tom McDonald, president of NSI, a Naugatuck, Conn., provider of virtualization, business continuity, disaster recovery, project development, network consulting and managed print services.

“Xerox is unlike other vendors we work with,” McDonald says. “They listen, take notes, and use our input to make the stuff better. The resources they put on this, the team was made up of very bright, sharp individuals. They did the research and I could tell that this was not a casual effort to try and do something that other vendors were doing. This was unique and could differentiate Xerox and us.”

Proactive Selling

NSI jumped at Xerox eConcierge “because we needed a way to get our clients into a more proactive way to support their printers, because we could not move everyone to full managed print,” McDonald says. “We also were getting beat by guys selling remanufactured toner and including the service. We saw a decline in our service monthly recurring revenue, and we needed a way to stop that.

The company also saw that Xerox eConcierge gave it “a hunting license” to go after new accounts, McDonald says. “Here at NSI everyone sells, not just the sales people. So once I was able to explain what Xerox eConcierge did and the value to our clients and new clients, [multiple people in the company] would be able to articulate the value when discussing this with anyone they came into contact with, guys on the softball team, people at church etc.”

NSI wanted to get in front of new clients and help its existing clients by providing them with a better way to procure supplies, McDonald says. “We wanted to increase our service business; we wanted to sell something with margin and that would keep our competition out of our accounts,” he says. “These were all the reasons we wanted in on eConcierge.”

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