Build on Success: How to Use Existing Customers to Generate New Business

Any experienced sales and marketing executive will tell you how important it is to tout your customers’ success from using your products or services. To have these testimonials come from the mouths of the customers themselves is especially compelling.

When it comes to buying products or services from a company—whether you’re talking about a business or a consumer that’s doing the purchasing—it is human nature to want to know that someone else who has done business with the company is satisfied with the results.

The same is certainly true for managed print: Prospective customers want assurances that others are happy with the service, and they want to see documented results if possible. That’s why it’s so important to build a portfolio of customer testimonials and case studies, as well as client references, that you can point to when trying to sell your services.

Referring new prospects to existing customers who are happy with your service is a great way to get busy decision-makers at prospective clients to consider your services at all.

“My experience is when you’re trying to get to higher-level executives, using references and referrals is the most effective way,” Steven Power, founder and president of Sales & Marketing Solutions International, a Ventura, Calif., firm that advices clients in sales processes, told us in a recent interview. “It’s hard work and it takes time, but it’s very effective” in getting the attention of decision-makers, Power says.

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