Business Transformation Field Study — PagePack Basics

As we begin our series of Business Transformation Field Reports that illustrate the true value of managed print services, we wanted to step back and run through the basics of the PagePack 3.0 Managed Print solution from Xerox.

The flexibility and cost-savings that motivates customers to add managed print (see chart) can be directly addressed using PagePack 3.0, so we’ll refer back to the details in this story in many of our latter reports. But for now, let’s review:

PagePack 3.0 is the next generation of Xerox’s managed print services offering for channel partners. It’s a suite of channel-managed print services that enables solution providers to capture all the pages in their customer’s fleet of networked printing devices, and turn them into profit.

The package consists of three programs: PagePack (for new Xerox devices), PagePack NX (for non-Xerox devices) and PagePack FM (Xerox’s remote monitoring and management program for the rest of the customer’s fleet).

PagePack includes key benefits such as coverage independence, all-inclusive cost per page, partner reimbursement for service if they are service authorized, and exceptional margin potential for color. It’s an all-inclusive cost-per-page contract that’s placed on new Xerox PagePack eligible devices. Meter reads are collected daily by the PagePack Assistant (PPA) and sent to Xerox. Orders for supplies are placed by customers using an online shopping cart through the PPA.

Supplies are shipped overnight for free directly to the customer. Customers enter service and maintenance kits requests through the PPA, and these are routed either to the partner or directly to Xerox for servicing.

Factors that influence customers when purchasing an managed print contract

Unlike regular PagePack, PagePack NX is coverage dependent, and is offered on installed, legacy Hewlett-Packard monochrome printers. The program uses Xerox Compatibles for HP and includes third-party service. Partners have the flexibility to provide service and maintenance kits themselves under a variant of PagePack NX called PagePack NXT.

Pricing for PagePack NX is similar to PagePack, a fixed monthly cost for service and a variable cost per page. While PagePack NX will launch on select HP monochrome printers and MFPs, Xerox will be looking to add color some time in the third quarter. PagePack NX has similar workflows to PagePack.

All other printing devices in a customer’s fleet are handled by PagePack FM (Fleet Manager). This offering is a full-fleet print management and monitoring program. PagePack FM includes new tools such as the PagePack Center (PPC). PPAs at various customer sites will feed a central PPC with information several times a day. Partners can monitor entire fleets remotely, ordering supplies and services on a customer’s behalf and provide them with ad hoc and monthly reports.

PagePack FM also includes supplies and service notifications from partners’ customers. Certified partners will be able to take advantage of a preferred price for supplies, allowing them to capture all supplies from their customers.

Unlike PagePack and PagePack NX, PagePack FM isn’t an all-inclusive cost-per-page program. PagePack FM uses the standard PPA to receive meter reads and device data multiple times per day. This data is presented as a list or dashboard view and is compiled into standard reports on the PagePack Center. Xerox charges 49 cents per month for each device under PagePack FM contracts.

Customers place orders for supplies through the same supplies customer portal as PagePack or PagePack NX. These requests show up on the PagePack Center and partners are notified by e-mail. Partners can choose to fulfill supplies themselves or take advantage of Xerox-negotiated preferred supplies price.

Service is requested by customers through the PPA. Partners are notified by e-mail and can use the PagePack Center to diagnose problems at a high level. Break-fix service for devices under PagePack FM is the partner’s responsibility.

And finally, partners can use the PagePack Center to order service and supplies on behalf of customers for PagePack and PagePack NX contracts, a critical capability when offering a complete managed print service.

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