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“We would not be in managed print without Xerox PagePack,” says John Boden, founder and managing partner of QuestingHound Technology Partners, a Deerfield Beach, Fla., IT solutions provider. “The barriers to getting into managed print are pretty high; I don’t think people realize how difficult it is to properly add a line of business.”

QuestingHound was one of the original pilot users of PagePack about five years ago when Xerox introduced the program. Prior to that the company had always provided printer equipment to customers, but typically did not generate revenue on consumables.

PagePack enabled the firm to add a managed print services offering quickly and easily, and to better serve customers in need of print management. “PagePack allows us to go back in to a client and provide them with a page-based managed print solution,” Boden says. “We’re able to garner [recurring] services revenue on the back end, and the program ties customers contractually to us. It really was a fantastic add-on for us.”

Revenue Generator

If you’re a VAR or a managed services provider looking to get into managed print, Xerox PagePack 3.0 provides an effective framework for selling solutions to customers and quickly generating revenues for your business.

PagePack 3.0 is a suite of three managed print service programs that helps channel partners manage their customers’ printing infrastructure and reduce costs. The Xerox program is the first to offer channel partners the ability to manage customers’ entire fleet of printers and multifunction devices, regardless of brand.

The PagePack program leverages technology developed by Xerox to help VARs and service providers manage and maintain large fleets of printer equipment at customer sites. It enables resellers to not only sell hardware and software to customers, but to offer one-year and three-year cost-per-page contracts for service and Xerox supplies.

Managed Print Strategy

QuestingHound offers an array of IT solutions, including desktop and server hardware, operating systems and software applications, storage systems, networking equipment and accessories. It provides services such as consulting, analysis, training, design, project management and hardware rollouts. Adding managed print services to the company’s portfolio gave it yet another entry point into current and prospective enterprise customers.

“Being able to support the managed print infrastructure for customers has been great,” Boden says. “We can support customers with offices all over the country. We can give them a definitive cost of printing, and take away their pain points in supporting a print infrastructure. And PagePack allows us to introduce Xerox solutions into the equation.”

But the program is not limited to supporting Xerox printers, and that is one of the strong points of PagePack, Boden says.

“Xerox realizes that you can’t go in to a client and say we’re going to rip out all of your printer equipment for all new Xerox equipment,” Boden says. “That’s not a reality today. Customers have [multivendor] printer equipment and a lot of it is working fine. What PagePack allows you to do is take that existing fleet of equipment [regardless of the vendor] and put it under management and make money on that. When the equipment needs to be refreshed, we can bring in new Xerox equipment.”

With PagePack, Xerox is helping resellers enter the managed print business by providing all the resources they need to manage competing brands in the field, Boden says. “They give you all the training tools, the assessment tools and the ongoing management tools you need to get into this business,” he says.

Mitigate Risks

One of the biggest benefits of the program for partners, Boden says, is that Xerox “will underwrite the risks. With most traditional managed services it’s up to the service providers to underwrite the risk. You have to be very careful that you priced your service correctly and your billings exceed your costs at the end of the month, or you can end up losing money on that contract. With PagePack, that is not the case. We know exactly what our costs are as well as what our profit will be based on our markup.”

In a market that’s increasingly competitive, having a resource such as PagePack gives service providers and resellers a means of launching a managed print services offering without building the business from scratch.

“It provides the framework, gives you all the tools you need, underwrites all the risk and allows you to introduce Xerox products at an enterprise level, which is powerful,” Boden says. “We can compete against any of the managed print providers out there with this solution.”