Managed Print: What to Watch For in 2012

What’s in store for the managed print services market in 2012 and beyond?

Recent industry research paints a fairly bright picture for managed print. For example, research firm Photizo Group says the market is continuing to grow despite the still-sluggish economy. In its 2011 MPS Market Size, Share and Forecast Study, the firm predicts the managed print services market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20 percent between 2010 and 2015 and is expected to top $78 billion in 2015.

Photizo notes that the difficult economic climate is actually one of the main drivers for managed print services, as companies are forced to look for more cost savings while at the same time increasing productivity and efficiency. The study predicts that the average revenue per printer device will jump after 2013 due to more efficient deployment and service revenues growth. Photizo expects that nearly half of printing revenue will be under managed print services contract by 2014.

But what do managed print services providers think about the future of the business? We contacted several service providers and VARs around the U.S. to get their thoughts on the economic prospects and what they hope to accomplish in the coming year. Here are some of their predictions and goals:

Bigger Is Bettter

“Our focus is to sell [managed print services] to large clients, 200-plus units or more. The ROI is much greater,” says Buddy Carpenito, senior partner and owner of Print Administrate/Technology Solutions. “Once we onboard them, within six months we will [aim] to consolidate their fleet and add Xerox solutions to help enhance their desire for the latest technologies. Print Administrate will sell smaller [customers] the eConcierge product powered by Xerox.”

A Focus On Top Verticals

“We are planning to launch Xerox eConcierge services in early 2012, while focusing on managed print services with many of our key clients,” says Michelle Carlow, president of CTS Services Inc. “The finance and education markets will be where we focus our efforts over the next 12 to 18 months. We are getting a good response from these industries. We are refining our lead generation program, as we have learned there are many steps in finding the need and educating people about managed print services.”

Xerox eConcierge™ Strategies

“Xerox eConcierge will be huge—it already is. We track all of our e-mail campaigns, and the open and click-through rate on Xerox eConcierge campaigns to both existing clients and prospects is by far the highest of any campaign we have ever run,” notes Tom McDonald, president, NSI and

“[Xerox eConcierge] is a very compelling offer that is easy for the client to understand,” he adds. “It is a user-friendly way to get someone started on managed print. We are going to ride this hard next year; we already are, and are pushing our clients toward this every day. We just need Xerox to get more HP and Lexmark products authorized.”

Time To Set The Bar High

“Our overall outlook for 2012 is very positive for our managed print services program,” says Mike Parmet, executive vice president of Parmetech. “Our sales goal for 2012 is to increase our pages under managed print by 400 percent [compared with 2011.] We will achieve this through net new business development.”

A Focus On MPS

“Managed print market share will continue to be a focus for SPI in 2012,” says Bill Loiacano, CEO, SPI Innovations. “I have seen traction in this space and it has provided some of our enterprise customers, as well as SMB, a comprehensive print management solution. It is a soup-to-nuts solution that many of our clients appreciate and value.”

Capitalizing On Training

“We’re very upbeat about the coming year,” says Sean Carey, president of Laser Technologies Inc. “Our sales and technical staff have been through the excellent training for the next generation of Xerox managed-print services. We’ve also spent a lot of time researching other software tools that complement the new services. For example, we’ve found software that our clients can use to not only track volume, but actually influence print behavior by enforcing the company’s print policy.”

It’s clear that even with growing competition for managed print business, companies like LTI will win their share of additional sales thanks to successful track records in the market and new tools and support from key vendors.