Sales Training: What You Need, Where to Find It

You might have the best managed print services offering on the market, but if you don’t have a qualified sales team in place you likely won’t get nearly as many contracts as you should. A strong sales operation is vital to having a successful managed print business, and effective training is a key to developing a strong sales team.

Some salespeople, while well versed in selling products, may not have a clear understanding of what’s needed to sell services to clients. Managed services might still be a new concept for people who work in the IT solutions market.

Developing staff expertise is among the biggest challenges service providers face. According to a CompTIA IT Research Roundup published in 2011, 56 percent of managed print services providers surveyed say the availability of trained consultative sales and technical staff is a “very important” requirement. Two-thirds of the MSPs surveyed rate this area of the business as extremely or somewhat difficult to achieve.

Print service providers can offer training programs to salespeople in a multitude of ways. These includes classroom-type training sessions, Web tutorials, blog posts, video presentations, and programs via social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Another important option: leverage video-hosting websites to house content for training, and update the presentations as needed. This type of training program can be particularly appealing to younger staffers who are comfortable with social media sites. Print service providers can use sites such as Twitter to “push” new training content to staffers by tweeting links to new training videos.

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