The Best Managed Print Quotes of 2010

In 2010, editors for the Business Transformation Center embarked on an ambitious effort to talk to many managed print services (MPS) professionals and then present their views to readers. The result is probably the largest collection of interviews with managed print services providers ever assembled on one site.

During the year, Business Transformation Center editors asked the hard questions of MPS pros, and what emerged were some interesting comments.

When it comes to delivering fast ROI, nearly all the managed print professionals interviewed agreed that ROI with managed print is universally fast. Cost savings in the 30 percent range for customers, too, was confirmed time and again with practitioners in the field.

What also emerged is that dedicated MPS pros and successful MPS companies expend a lot of time and effort into getting managed services right. It’s not an overnight success story. But it is a success story. With time and effort, the companies we interviewed experienced solid success with managed print sales.

The MPS providers we talked to were not backtracking on their move into managed print. Almost all of them admitted the economy was tough – but their commitment to managed print as a way to grow margins and gain new customers was unshaken.

Here are some of the comments that we found most telling and most illuminating of MPS pros in 2010.

On Customer Benefits

“Tell the customer up front that they will save time because they will no longer need to dedicate IT resources to troubleshooting service-related issues or managing toner inventory.”
—Terry Williams, President, ATS Inc.

“We can take over the existing printer fleets without requiring any changes to the printer hardware and no additional capital expenditures. This allows clients to see immediate savings of up to 30 percent of the current print costs while they plan the next phases of their deployment.”
—Larry Cohen, Carr Business Systems

“If we boil it down, what we do for customers is make them aware of a problem that may not be in their face. We’re trying to warn them about the freight train that will hit them and why they need to get a handle on it.”
—Bob Melso, VP, DocuSense

On Embracing Managed Print

“You can’t just go in and say, ‘We cover only Xerox printers or HP printers.’ You’ve got to be willing to pick up other products, and you’ve got to be able to use monitoring tools to the fullest extent to monitor all network printer devices. You have to do that because the competition is doing that.”
—Thomas Csanky, Director of Sales and Marketing, Neocomp Systems

“The challenges are determining the correct strategy for a balanced deployment of printers and copiers. It requires a cross-functional team at the customer location since the supplies, devices and service are oftentimes managed by different departments.”
—Larry Cohen, Carr Business Systems

“In the first two years we did this we only had 10 contracts. There really wasn’t hardly any business those first few years. Now we have more than that every month. You need to develop a culture shift [toward a managed print services focus]. It took us a long time to get there, but once you’re there it’s a good thing.”
—David Polzin, BusinessWare Solutions

On Customer Sales Tactics

“This is not a hardware sale, this is a business process sale. Managed print needs to be promoted to a financial manager who has responsibility for overall performance of the organization. Failing to focus at this level of decision-making greatly reduces the potential for a managed print engagement.”
—Garrett Peaslee, President, Secant Technologies
“Our approach now is always with the IT department. It is key in making [managed services] decisions anyway. I think early on it wasn’t necessarily that way. Most of the time, however, it comes down to a decision within the IT department.”
—Mike Greenberg, President and CEO, PrinTelogy Inc.

On the importance of Assessments

“Print management is hand-to-hand combat. It’s many touches with the customer. You have to walk the premises, you have to have maps and get to know what’s on network and what’s local [printers off networks].”
—Tony Benassi, Vice President of Managed Print, Chicago Office Technology Group

“You have to be very careful about things like the audit, presentation and making sure the numbers are factual. You have to find a way to produce good data. My advice is if you don’t have the stomach for that, stay away from this. If you don’t have your processes down and believe in them, you’re going to get frustrated.”
—Bob Melso, VP, DocuSense

“You have to take the time, and energy and effort to get a better understanding of their environment and their needs, and based on that try to bundle something together. This is not easy; it’s a challenge. But the effort can be very rewarding.”
—Terry Williams, President, ATS Inc.

On the Future of Managed Print Services

“Eventually this will become the standard; vendors will only sell the device with a supplies contract because that is what the customer will demand. Clients will simply pay for what they print. They will not buy any printers anymore.”
—Tom McDonald, President, NSI

“Anything that helps us wrap our arms further around managing IT, and takes away some of the frustrations and time-consuming tasks that create inefficiencies for the client is a good thing.”
—Oli Thordarson, President, CEO, Alvaka Networks Inc.

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