The Managed Print Power Play – PagePack 3.0

You can easily argue that the most effective, most profitable managed services model is an all-or-nothing strategy.

Master IT CEO Michael Drake is a managed services provider in Bartlett, Tenn., whose business model is to buy up as much of a customer’s IT infrastructure as he can (yes, own it), then charge the customer for total managed services while taking the burden of infrastructure management right off the shoulders of the now very happy customer.


“If I told you the profit margin was at least 60 points, would you believe me?” asks Drake, who smiles when he provides his own reply: “Well, it’s higher.”

Are you ready to build a profitable managed print services business that can enable you–for the first time–to take ownership of every printer in a customer’s environment, under a single managed services policy, regardless of its brand? Are you ready to enjoy the option of full fleet management for your managed print service?

Full fleet management is what Xerox has delivered to the channel with PagePack 3.0. Working from Xerox’s impressive, Vulcan-like logic that printing in color should be the standard, and that pricing should be calculated by page, not by toner consumption, PagePack 3.0 makes a good thing even better for those who jump on board Xerox’s Peak Partner Program. PagePack 3.0 delivers three varieties of managed print services that each give managed print providers improved ways to profit from whatever type of print network a customer may be running, all while reducing waste, saving money, and vastly simplifying toner and supply management.

The first of the three offerings is PagePack, the flagship managed print platform for Xerox managed print solutions. PagePack NX introduces a second flavor that allows you to extend your managed print service outward from Xerox units to HP monochrome units. Controlling HP color devices with PagePack NX will be a feature that arrives in just a few months. Finally, there’s PagePack FM, which delivers to the channel the Holy Grail of managed print: the ability to monitor, manage and supply toner to any printer running on a customer network.

“PagePack 3.0 was our way of giving partners and their business customers something of a blueprint for the future. Because the concept of managed print services is an evolution, not a revolution, we saw there was a need to have a way to optimize a customer’s managed print fleet, and improve it over time, bearing in mind the customer’s needs and budget realities,” explains Paul Herman, Xerox’s Director, Strategy and Services Platforms.

When you think about it, any managed print conversation you have with a customer is almost always an all-or-nothing conversation because in the back of a customer’s mind he or she is always thinking about the broader printer investment, not just the Xerox solutions. That’s the marketing power of PagePack 3.0. Now you can finally talk total managed print solution to a customer.

Included in PagePack FM is Xerox’s PagePack Center (PPC). Using PPC, Xerox partners can monitor entire managed print fleets remotely. They can order supplies and services on behalf of customers and deliver monthly managed print reports. When PagePack FM notifies partners that print supplies are needed at a customer site, preferred pricing from Xerox will deliver richer margins under a service than enables partners to capture revenue from every page being printed by a customer. And because variables like excessive toner usage and unpredictable shipping costs can cut directly into a managed print provider’s margins, Xerox has engineered PagePack to give partners cover from these expenses.

Delivering a managed print service quote has become even easier with PagePack 3.0 as well. A new set of customer print usage assessment tools, QuickQuote and CompleteQuote, are part of PagePack 3.0 and assist partners in turning around accurate print assessments and formal bids in as quickly as a day or two.

“Traditionally, there have been only two things–the quick, down-and-dirty managed print vs. the non-managed print bid. Just a one-to-one comparison you hoped you could sell. Or there was the full assessment with the ‘I’ll get back to you in 30 days’ number that would include a floor plan and fleet estimate, etc.,” says Herman. “But with these new quoting tools you can get a solid quote in two days based on industry data that makes managed print a compelling proposition.”

Training has also been taken to a new level with PagePack 3.0 via a mentoring program that gives partners a more meaningful level of certification to ensure they enjoy maximum profits as a managed print provider.

And the timing couldn’t be better. The leading MSPs grew 46 percent last year, even as the economy was beginning to tank. And one-third of these top MSPs delivered managed print services. The result was that the number of print devices under a managed services contract grew by a whopping 146 percent last year, according to research firm Photizo Group. That’s a fast-growth clip, and one that you should be a part of.