Xerox Hits the Road to Rally Partners Around Managed Print

The electrifying guitar sound of AC/DC’s trademark hit “Back In Black” thundered from the stage as the crowd anxiously awaited the show.

But this was no rock concert.

This was the Back In The Black Business Stimulus Tour orchestrated by Xerox to help technology solution providers build and profit from managed print services.

Through 36 cities and dates, the Back In The Black Business Stimulus Tour hit locations from Palo Alto to Atlanta. At every stop, attendees took a deep dive into Xerox’s eye-opening PagePack managed print system and were able to roll up their sleeves for hands-on training on some of the latest Xerox multi-function printers (MFPs), which copy, scan, print and manage documents. And each event focused on delivering real, actionable insight into how to make a managed print business work, and grow. This made the Back In The Black Business Stimulus Tour an event that in a very refreshing way gave solution providers an opportunity to closely examine and scrutinize Xerox’s unique managed print model, and the technology and services that power it.

“We had some skeptics coming into the shows, sure. But they would all leave saying, ‘Wow, this is something that was really worth my time, and managed print is something I can really make some money at,’ ” recalls Paul Criswell, a channel marketing manager for Xerox who traveled with the show through some of its dates.

“Convergence” Tops The Charts

Xerox’s Peak Partner Program and PagePack managed print services offering made a huge impression on show attendees.

What’s unique about PagePack is the way it helps partners capture profits by avoiding costly imbalances in the way customer print supplies are managed and delivered. Because variables like excessive toner usage and unpredictable shipping costs can cut directly into a managed print provider’s margins, Xerox has engineered PagePack to give partners cover from these expenses. Even better, PagePack has been designed to give partners a way to encourage customers to hit the print command with the confidence of knowing that their print budget is delivering a healthy return on its investment.

At most of the stops along the Back In The Black Business Stimulus Tour, the broader market trends helping to drive the adoption of managed print services were illustrated by Ryan Morris, director of channel intelligence for The Institute for Partner Education & Development (IPED), which is the research arm of Everything Channel.

Appearing via video, Morris explained how customer concerns about spending money, and the urgent need to reduce costs and increase efficiency, have converged to create an ideal climate for managed print services. The bumpy economic ride of the past 18 months has motivated business customers to look for new ways to squeeze more efficiency from their IT spending. It’s not that customers won’t spend on technology, said Morris, they just generally need to understand how an IT expense will save them money going forward, and how it will improve the way their business operates from a revenue standpoint. Managed print services can do both, said Morris.

“Business customers at this point in the economy are asking, ‘How can I be more efficient?’ And what your customers are asking for is what you can really now deliver with managed print,” said Morris.

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