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Expert Advice—New Business Models

Sales Training: What You Need, Where to Find It

Sales people well versed in selling products may struggle with services—here’s how to change that.

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Build on Success: How to Use Existing Customers to Generate New Business

A portfolio of customer testimonials, case studies and client references will add some heat to cold calls

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3 Technology Trends to Watch in 2013

Innovations in printers and MFPs this year suggest what may be on the horizon in 2013

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How to Leverage Xerox PagePack for New Profits

Success in managed-print services hinges on an essential decision: what partner program to adopt.

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Why Now’s the Time to Cash In on Document Management and Workflow Systems

Explore document management and workflow solutions for new revenue opportunities that can quickly grow from a managed-print foundation.

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Large vs. Small—Why Account Size Matters

While some VARs and MSPs specialize in selling to small or midsize businesses, the best business strategies serve both markets.

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Auditing Tools—Why They’re Essential for MPS Success

When it comes to knowing how much they print, most clients are clueless. Here’s how to ground
them in reality and show them why MPS is so important.

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Are You Missing the Boat With Social Media?

If you’re not leveraging social media resources to help grow your managed print businesses, it’s time to take the plunge.

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Helping Customers Seal Security Threats is Good Business

Security threats are real–so are the business opportunities that come with tying safeguards to managed-print contracts.

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Marketing 2.0: Why Video is Great for Selling MPS

Streaming video can bring your marketing messages to a new and highly impactful level. Here’s what experts say are the keys to keeping it engaging and affordable.

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4 Secrets for Expanding MPS Sales

It’s always important to boost sales. Here’s a strategy that VARs and MSPs can take to the bank.

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Vertical Markets—Where to Find the Biggest Opportunities

Some industries are better than others when it comes to cashing in on managed print services. Here’s where your sales and marketing efforts will have the biggest impact.

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How the Right Partner Program Fuels New Profits

Learn what tools Parmetech uses to solidify its position as one of the top managed-print providers in the country.

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Sales Incentives That Make Sense

How to create sales incentives that work in today’s ultra-competitive managed-print services market.

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Sales Incentives That Make Sense

How to create sales incentives that work in today’s ultra-competitive managed-print services market.

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Assessments: Always Important, Not Always Easy

It’s best to convince prospects early in the sales process that it’s in their best interest for you to do a full assessment of their print operations. Here’s what to do if they balk.

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New to Managed Print? Here’s What Your Tech Staff Needs to Know

MPS veterans explain how best to target training resources to teach techs about the new customer-service challenges that come with providing managed-print services.

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An MSP Reveals Its Secrets for Success With Xerox eConcierge

Learn how ATS Inc. used automated supplies replenishment to capture more than a quarter million dollars in new revenues.

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How MSPs Can Leverage PagePack for New Profits

SPI Innovations explains how it turned a new print services practice into a sustainable revenue generator.

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New Blood: High-Impact Professionals Can Boost MPS Sales

“Super Salespeople” aren’t the answer. Find seasoned pros who help customers achieve their print-management goals.

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Straight to the Top: How to Reach MPS Decision Makers

Getting face time with top decision makers is one of the biggest challenges when selling managed print services. A leading sales and marketing consultant explains how to stack the odds in your favor.

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Top Managed Print Challenges and How to Overcome Them

VARs and MSPs discuss the lessons they learned on the road to MPS success.

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Is Your Sales Staff Ready for Managed Print?

One of the biggest challenges to launching managed print is getting the sales staff up to speed. Here’s how one expert accelerated the process.

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Cash In on the ‘Ripple Effects’ of Managed Print

Print services aren’t the only revenue generators with managed-print opportunities. Learn how to profit from the ripple effects of new hardware and software sales and related IT support.

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How to Add Print to Your MSP Portfolio

Managed services providers have an ace up their sleeve when it comes to selling print services—their existing customers. Here’s how one successful MSP taps this important group.

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Expert Advice—Sales & Marketing Strategies

An MSP’s Guide to MPS: How to Make the Business Case

Industry research shows the time is right for managed service providers to move into managed print. Learn how to jumpstart sales and profits in this quickly expanding market.

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Managed Print: What to Watch For in 2012

Check out predictions and goals from some of the leading players in today’s managed-print market.

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VARs Learn How to Leverage Xerox eConcierge for New Revenues

Earlier this year when Xerox eConcierge(TM) debuted, many VARs recognized the potential this cloud-based printer supplies sales platform offered for creating new revenue opportunities. Now, VARs are seeing that potential translate into concrete results.

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Move Customers From Consideration to Commitment

Veteran managed service providers know success takes perseverance, thorough knowledge of managed-print benefits and some old-fashioned selling skills.

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How to Avoid Toner-Coverage ‘Gotchas’

Every managed services contract has its challenges. For managed print, one of the biggest is toner coverage if it doesn’t get the proper attention.

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Featured Blog: From the Trenches

Greg Walters

The Transformation of Greg_Walters
Greg Walters is a veteran technologist, passionately sharing his ideas and vision of how people interact and integrate with technology. He is a currently the MpS Practice Manager for SIGMAnet, a West Coast VAR/MPS, and a founding executive board member of the MPSA.

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It’s Been a Great Time Writing for Business Transformation

As I look back, it feels like so much has occurred but as I consider today’s challenges and opportunities, in a way, I am reminded of those days back in 2011 – change is just around the corner, it always has been.

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Managed Print, Workflow and Managed Services

Our devices are, and have been, part of general business workflow forever. The time has come to embrace this role and expand beyond the machine, not necessarily reducing the number of devices but at least improving how information flows through, from and around them.

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We All Scream for Managed Services

Who do you work with if you are looking to implement managed services?

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Managed Print Services – Your Reviews Still Lack, Don’t they?

We’ve been doing business reviews for years. Are yours still fresh?

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The Real Future of Our Industry

Much has been said about our direction, the ways of tomorrow and managed print services.

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The Biggest Challenge in Our Industry

The times are tough but they have been for years now. What is lurking underneath all the secular changes ? That dark pit of irrelevance.

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Four points to remember When Building a Managed Services Practice

Everyone is getting into managed services. Is it the same as getting into color or connected devices? Maybe, maybe not.

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The Value Proposition

The venerable value proposition statement or elevator pitch—everybody’s got one. As warmer days of spring and summer approach, barbecues and kids’ end-of-school pageants are inevitable.

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Getting into WorkFlow

There’s a lot of talk about moving from managed print services into managed IT services. With the competitive landscape as severe as it is today, does it make sense for everybody to simply jump into managing servers, firewalls and network switches?

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MPS Meets Power Management

A new dynamic that isn’t new, it is just a bit more sophisticated and relevant, today. Managing power.

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Time to Think About Team Building

Managed print services is a complicated proposal – getting out of the MPS world for a day, with your colleagues, is a great way to help sustain the practice.

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How to Hire Professionals to Sell Managed Print

There are lots of issues to consider whenever we hire a sales person – how does managed print services change the dynamic? What are three simple characteristics to look for in a managed print services selling professional.

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Managed Print Services and the Cloud

The cloud and managed print services – is there a fit? Is one mutually exclusive of the other? Where do you fit in?

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MPS Fundamentals Part 4: Pay Your Sales Reps Differently

Would you like to increase the number of managed print services engagements, expand your profits and establish a sustainable MPS practice? Pay your people differently.

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MPS Fundamentals Part 3: It’s Time to Combine Printers and Copiers

Here are three reasons why combining copier and printer service is difficult:
• Technical knowledge
• Parts Sourcing
• Commission/Sales Compensation

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Essential Tools

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The Ride Along

As you know, everybody is into MPS now – uniform companies, water providers, office furniture, retail office supply locations, wide format companies, every single OEM, VARs, and finally the big print production houses. In 12 months, there has been record growth. It’s bound to level off.  It always does. Well, this time is not like [...]

Managed Print Archives

Customers Need Help Managing Their Printers

Having a clear understanding of who a managed print customer is, and who is not, has a lot to do with being profitable, says managed print provider Tom McDonald of NSIserv.

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Take the Xerox Challenge

Think Managed Print Numbers Don’t Add Up? Take the Xerox Challenge in the short video demo.

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The Xerox Solid Ink System — Close-Up

This video gives you the trade-show experience of being shown exactly what the Xerox Solid Ink System is. Check it out.

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What’s Under My Hood?

Ever popped the hood on a smokin’ hot Xerox Phaser 8560 MFP? This video will have you saying “been there, done that.”

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IT VAR Explains How it Succeeds with Managed Print

Succeeding with managed print requires patience, perseverance and the backing of a solid partner program.

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Overcoming the Unexpected

Solution provider Mike Parmet shows how certain customer surprises can be dealt with easily under the right managed print program.

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Controlling Printing Costs: Yes You Can

Mike Trevisan of Atlantic Office and Laser Products dashes the myth that printing costs are uncontrollable

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Jim Salzer, PagePack 3.0 Program Mentor

Jim Salzer of DocuAudit International talks about his role in the program and some of the topics he’s tackling as a mentor for the PagePack 3.0 Certification program.

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Print VARs Discuss PagePack 3.0

Recent attendees of a Xerox PagePack 3.0 Certification event talk about what full-fleet print management means for their businesses and what specific advantages they get out of Xerox managed print services.

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VARs Talk: PagePack 3.0

A snapshot of comments by recent attendees of a Xerox PagePack 3.0 Certification event.

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Xerox’s Paul Herman: PagePack 3.0′s Main Components

Everything Channel’s Dan Neel and Xerox’s Paul Herman discuss managed print solution providers really need to know about PagePack 3.0′s main components and features.

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Avoiding Managed Print Contract Pitfalls: Getting Coverage Right

Cost per page contracts are a great idea, but you have to know how to structure them. In this segment, Everything Channel’s Dan Neel and Tom Gall of Xerox discuss avoiding pitfalls of estimating coverage.

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Customers Want Cost Savings? Asset Optimization Is The Answer

Everyone knows that in today’s economy, many customers want cost savings. Here’s how to turn that conversation into a strategy for growth with asset optimization (versus asset consolidation). Everything Channel’s Dan Neel and Xerox’s Gary Gillam talk about this interesting idea.

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The Green Machine

IDo your printing and imaging clients know that Xerox’s Solid Ink technology produces 90% less waste than conventional printer ink and toners? Aside from top-quality ink, the environmentally friendly benefits of Solid Ink are worth noting.

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Business Transformation Study – March 2010 – Taking the First Step in Managed Print

Topic One: Adding Managed Print Affordably "Our first week in business we sold 2 million managed print pages." That's a true statement by a Xerox Peak Partner who runs a growing and profitable managed print services business in South Florida. You can add managed print services to your existing solution provider business - or start [...]

Field Study Hard Look: MSPs See Managed Print Ready for Prime Time

If George Lucas, the director of the Stars Wars saga, and James Cameron, the director of Avatar, waited until computer technology caught up to their visions before they made their films, how should you be thinking about managed print technology?

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Business Transformation Field Study — Managed Print: What Customers Want

Wonder how it feels to be right on the cusp of making a move into managed print? Here’s one solution provider who shared the experience with us.

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Business Transformation Field Study — PagePack Basics

Ready to investigate Managed Print Services as a Xerox partner? Here’s a quick run through of the major advantages the PagePack 3.0 Managed Print solution from Xerox delivers.

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Managed Print Master Class

Our series has demonstrated the value of Managed Print Services, but now let’s look at some of the extreme challenges, and show how they can be overcome — or at least, endured.

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Quoting and Marketing Managed Print Services

Effectively quoting and marketing your managed print services can grow your profits by double digits when done right. Here are some tips from Terry Williams, president of ATS.

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Advancing Your Managed Print Business

Creating an effective sales strategy is a key part of building a successful managed print services business. See how Garrett Peaslee of Secant Technologies did it.

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Why Managed Print Makes Sense Now

Topic Two: The best managed print sales pitch: Simplicity & cost savings

Showing customers how their unmanaged print environment has a negative impact on their business’s bottom line is working as a successful managed print sales strategy in the field.

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Why Managed Print Makes Sense Now

Business is picking up after a year-long slump and, more than ever before, customers have begun asking if there is anything they can do to save money on their printing costs. Customers are even asking by name if there is such a thing as “managed print” options.

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Market Shift Increasingly Favors Managed Print

A tectonic shift in the way technology products and services are delivered to customers is taking place right now. The shift is towards managed services, and while the shift is industry-wide, those who sell printing and imaging technology quite possibly have the most to gain from a managed services transition.

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The Managed Print Power Play – PagePack 3.0

Master IT CEO Michael Drake is a managed services provider in Bartlett, Tenn., whose business model is to buy up as much of a customer’s IT infrastructure as he can (yes, own it), then charge the customer for total managed services while taking the burden of infrastructure management right off the shoulders of the now very happy customer. Profitable?

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