3 Ways to Soften Hard-Core Skeptics

One of the hurdles VARs face when selling managed print services is convincing skeptical clients that this isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme—for the VAR and a printer OEM. Pushback comes when clients believe all the talk about printer cost controls and better management is code for swapping out existing hardware for a lot of new and expensive printers and MFPs.

Fortunately, objections like these are easy to shoot down, beginning with a detailed assessment of the client’s environment. Chances are there are just too many printers and MFPs already on-site, which means unnecessary expenses for extra consumables, power and other resources. Going back to the customer with a plan for improving services with less hardware will help put even edgy clients at ease.

The right partner programs are also a key. For example, Xerox’s PagePack 3.0 program doesn’t apply only to Xerox gear; it manages hardware from a variety of vendors. This fact alone goes a long way to calming the concerns of clients who fear an aggressive sales push. Xerox eConcierge, the new cloud-based tool for expanding supplies revenues, is another excellent option. Its focus on consumables pushes talk of hardware sales into the background.

There’s also a growing body of proof-points that demonstrates the benefits of MPS. One recent example that’s grabbing headlines is Ohio-based Cuyahoga Community College. The school estimates that MPS will save nearly $2 million through cost controls across its three campuses, with the bonus of reducing paper and energy usage by 34 percent. The kicker: The college maintains service levels for 32,000 students while eliminating approximately 400 outdated or unused devices.

Burnish these types of stories with testimonials from your own customers who agree to become references, and even hard-core skeptics will start to see the wisdom of managed print services.