A Cheat Sheet for Consumables Sales

Grabbing more supplies revenues is at the top of many to-do lists these days. After all, why watch customers who are already buying hardware, services, and solutions from you spend their money at big box office supplies stores whenever they need more ink or toner?

The good news is VARs and MSPs have a range of options to help them tailor supplies-replenishment solutions to the individual needs of customers. Smaller clients need something quick and easy and not necessarily tied to a managed print contract. Here’s one option. If you can leverage supplies to cultivate some additional repair and maintenance business, so much the better.

Larger clients may be ripe for something more ambitious, such as a managed services deal that covers everything from rightsizing the printer environment to offloading all the related supplies-replenishment and management responsibilities.

Knowing which solution to offer a particular customer can be tricky and the decision sometimes needs to be made on the fly, depending on how the conversation is going during a sales call. So it helps to have a cheat sheet handy that summarizes the features of various programs and which types of customers they serve best.  Here’s a particularly good battle card.

What are you arming yourself with to boost your supplies sales?