A Foundation for Recurring Revenue

We’ve been in touch recently with an IT VAR that built its business on comprehensiveness. But it wasn’t until the company added managed print services that its portfolio—and business model—were fully realized.

For years, end users relied on QuestingHound Technology Partners, Deerfield Beach, Fla., as a go-to source for an array of IT solutions. The capabilities ranged from desktop and server hardware, operating systems and software applications to storage systems, networking equipment and accessories. Expertise was just as important. The company acted as a trusted adviser for IT consulting, analysis, training, design, project management and hardware rollouts.

But when QuestingHound added managed print a few years ago, it did more than just introduce a new service offering. Managed print created yet another entry point to attract new business from current and prospective enterprise customers.

For customers, the benefits are basic but far-reaching. Managed print services can relieve a constant pain point that plagues large and small companies alike—runaway, or at the least undocumented, printing costs. Without a managed print framework, most end users find it impossible to know exactly what they’re spending on service, maintenance and supplies. By contrast, national office-supply chains and other big-box retailers know very clearly the value of print supplies and are more than happy to take business away from VARs and managed service providers.

Although it’s found a formula for success, QuestingHound knows that managed print only rewards companies that have the right foundation in place. One key factor is to offer a managed print services program that isn’t limited to one particular vendor’s lineup of printers. “That’s not a reality today. Customers have [multivendor] printer equipment and a lot of it is working fine,” says John Boden, the company’s founder and managing partner. “[You need] to take that existing fleet of equipment, put it under management and make money on that.”