Six Managed Print Sales Boosters

What’s your strategy for boosting managed print sales over the next 12 months? The Business Transformation Center conducted an informal poll of print VARs and MSPs and here are some of the highlights:

• Focus on selling to larger clients, namely those with 200-plus units or more. The sales cycles may be long, but the ROI opportunities can be a big payoff.

• Look for new upselling opportunities. For example, once a managed print client is signed up, work to consolidate its fleet and add the latest technologies.

• Target sales campaigns at select vertical markets. Two that look like good bets in the near term are financial services and education.

• Sell managed print when you can and, when you can’t, be sure to grab supplies sales with automated replenishment tools like Xerox eConcierge™. Solution providers report that interest is high today among end users for automated replenishment tools. “We are going to ride this hard next year,” one print VAR reports.

• Set the bar high. Establish aggressive sales goals—200 to 500 percent—for increased pages under contract from existing customers and new clients.

• Capitalize on training opportunities. Send sales and technical staffs to relevant vendor programs for technology certifications and business development.

2012 could be a watershed year for managed print, meaning that significantly more customers will realize its value, while VARs and MSPs have more tools and expertise than ever to close sales. What are you doing to position your company for accelerated growth?