Automated Profits

We’ve heard from two print VARs recently about how they’re boosting supplies sales, and in both cases they’re doing it with the help of a light-touch, high-impact automation tool.

Laser’s Resource Inc., a long-term managed-print provider, says Xerox eConcierge™ is paying off with customers that are not looking to engage in full managed print services agreements. “We like the automated fulfillment and billing features,” Senecal says. “They give customers a chance to use Xerox’s automation, but in a non-contractual way.”

With Xerox eConcierge customers see an onscreen prompt when supplies are running low and can simply point and click a new order. The order ships to the customer and  Laser’s Resource is automatically credited for the revenues. To enhance customer “stickiness,” tool gives end users free service coverage rewards on their eligible products.

SPI Innovations, Freeland, Mich., is also benefiting from Xerox eConcierge. First, the company leads with Xerox PagePack. If that approach doesn’t gain any traction with a new customer, SPI proposes Xerox eConcierge as a way for the customer to become familiar with the concept of print services.

“For the client who is not ready to make the leap of faith into PagePack, Xerox eConcierge provides a springboard platform that could lead into PagePack at some time in the future,” says Bill Loiacano, CEO of SPI Innovations.

“Some companies just aren’t ready yet for PagePack,” he adds. “And if they like the idea of [Xerox eConcierge] we can maybe move them to a PagePack agreement later on, and they will have a better understanding of a managed print program. It’s a way to get them accustomed to how a managed print program would look.”

Are you hunting for new supplies sales? If so, tell us what ammunition you’re using.