Lessons for the New Year

The Business Transformation Center recently queried managed print services providers about the biggest challenges they have faced in the market in 2011, and it’s interesting how some of these challenges are interrelated.

Among the key challenges MPSs cited are how tough a sell managed print services continue to be, the growing competition for customers in managed print, and getting customers to fully understand managed print.

The ability to clearly demonstrate the value of managed print services might be the key to addressing the challenges MPS providers face.

Demonstrating value directly addresses the tough-sell challenge. At a time when many customers are skittish about how much they’re spending and looking for ways to reduce costs, this should be a great time—not a bad one—to sell companies on the concept of managed print and how it can potentially save them lots of money.

It also addresses the competition challenge. If you can show prospective customers how your company is especially well-suited to provide the kind of cost benefits and improved print services customers need, they might be less inclined to go with another service provider.

And demonstrating value certainly addresses the third challenge of getting customers to understand what managed print is and what it means for their organization.

To be a successful managed print services provider today means more than just having an exceptional service to offer, strong sales and support teams, and effective leadership. Providers have to know how to reach the right decision-makers within organizations and then give those individuals the information they need that will convince them managed print is the way to go.

How does your company demonstrate the value of managed print services?