Sales Calls Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

Is there such a thing as a “typical” sales call for managed print services? No, says Mike Parmet, executive vice president of Parmetech, a company in Havertown, Pa., that provides full-service printing and imaging solutions.

Clearly, sales calls have certain common components, regardless of the type of company you’re going after. For example, you need to understand what the client is doing in terms of color and monochrome printing, multifunction vs. straight printing, scanning requirements, printer security and charge-back issues—among other things.

“All these elements that make up the client’s environment are areas you want to cover” in a sales call, Parmet says. But how you discuss these areas and to what extent will depend on the size of the company, its business goals, budget, management structure, corporate culture and other factors.

For example, a small company will have far different printing needs than a large enterprise, and a financial services firm or insurance provider will have different needs than a food service provider or a school.

Some companies will give decision-making authority about managed print to the IT executive, while others will want the CFO or other financial executives to be involved. Some sales cycles will require just a few visits over a short period while others will require multiple meetings over several months.

Sales calls “run the gamut” as far as variety, Parmet says. He says the key, as with any sales effort, is to understand what each client needs and aim to deliver that.

What’s your company’s strategy for getting the most out of each sales call?”