Focus and Vision

Last month was one heck of a month; HP, Google, Oracle, Apple, Motorola – each transforming.

And if I hear one more, “in these tough economic times” speech, I am going to toss my cookies, right into the nearest A3 paper tray as I am sure it will be empty.

What does this mean for MpS?

For us in the industry, clawing for every click, there are two basic aspects – selling with your head down, focused and selling with your head up, with vision.

It’s difficult to keep that balance, to stay on the razor’s edge, but when you can, the stars are the limit.

Infrastructure and post engagement support are no longer an issue, the juice is in solving real customer problems.  Both in the short term (focus) and the long term(vision).

For MpS’rs,  it’s the difference between hiding in Stage 1 or Stage 2, toner, supplies, onsite service, pricing, 1:1 refresh or stepping into the always changing environment of click reduction, Electronic Document Management projects, and Content Management. Focus and Vision.

There are at least a dozen tools out here that can help you support Stage1 and Stage 2; Spreadsheets, DCA’s, cost analysis, floor plan software, etc.

These tools keep your focus on the near future and help you build solid customer relationships. But your vision becomes the separator.

Not everyone has vision.  Most are comfortable without and don’t even miss it.  Unfortunately,  “in today’s challenging economic environment”,  it is easy, comforting in a way, to put your nose to the grindstone and worry about today with little regard for tomorrow.  No vision.

Everybody’s doing it which is exactly why you should do more.

Here’s how: Use the best tool you have; You.  Put your brain and your mind to work.  Devour every bit of content you find about MpS and technology. Then do something incredibly powerful – have a conversation with your clients.  Just talk.  Talk about changes.  Engage in a more intimate manner and move further with both Focus and Vision.

We can survive in MpS on either Focus or Vision, but to thrive beyond the temporary confines of toner and service, one needs both – Focus and Vision, Earth and Water.