Greg Walters is a Sellout

I recently attended a managed print conference in Vegas–the Recharger World Expo–and it was a trip in the Delorean to “Back to the Future.”  Just like three years ago, the fear of change oozed out all over.  The “drill and fill” pedigree doesn’t guarantee MPS success.  Who woulda thunk?  The silver lining was people honestly listened to the speakers – for the entire session.  I am sure seeds of innovation were planted, will grow and will bear fruit one day.  The toner guys are last group to get in, they are here now.

The natural progression in MPS, and in Managed Services, is away from optimizing gear and closer to optimizing people.  To get there, we need more than monthly volumes, toner levels and total number of 11×17 pages output.  We need to see down to the granular level, exactly “how” people are moving information to paper.  Back to selling. Full circle.

As the Great MPS Land Grab is in full swing, the art of selling becomes more important.  We’re no longer approaching prospects new to the idea of MPS. Indeed, today prospects may be under an existing MPS engagement, presenting a different selling landscape. It’s a complex, strategic, and interesting selling environment more demanding than ever – we need to know more.  We need to remember how to sell, maybe get back to the basics because in the end, selling MPS isn’t all that difficult – it’s just talking, solving problems and receiving value. That’s all it is, all it has ever been.

Speaking of selling, the title of this post is a bit tongue in cheek.  I’m not selling out, I am simply selling.

Transform Now.