Hammer Home Your Message

New research shows that end users are beginning to grasp at least the basic concept of managed print services and its benefits. But don’t let that be an excuse for complacency. VARs and managed service providers must still constantly hammer home the MPS message.

In short, dust off that old three-part maxim speakers have used for years: Tell your clients what you’re going to tell them; tell them; then tell them what you told them.

Relentlessly staying on message will help overcome a phenomenon seen by many veterans of managed print services—clients who initially say they’re not interested in a contract eventually commit. What’s important to understand is that these converts aren’t necessarily changing their minds. The initial thumbs-down may not be a rejection of the idea; it may be a way of saying “I’m not ready to think about this” because so many other pressing problems are vying for attention.

David Polzin, owner of BusinessWare Solutions, in Hutchinson, Minn., says he often speaks with customers multiple times before making a managed print services sale. “We’ve had to visit customers three or four times, and repeat things over and over,” Polzin says. “Then all of a sudden the light goes on and it makes sense to them.”

According to Polzin, the key is catching a customer at the right moment, “when he’s not preoccupied with other things, when he can understand the full impact of managed print that he could not understand before.”

The trick—and the sign of a good salesperson—is to quickly determine which clients will come on board in time and which ones will never pay off. And that only comes with talent and experience.