Hello, World

Thanks for reading the first of many posts, writings and musings here at the Business Transformation Center. You may or may know of my other blog, “The Death of The Copier,” or DOTC. If so, great. If not, that’s good too. The title sometimes invokes emotion – it always does with copier dealers. Readers of DOTC have labeled me a “contrarian” or a “John the Baptist” type.  I can go with the “zig when the world is zaging” description, but does anyone remember what happened to good ole John? Yeah, no thank you.

I won’t be slamming the folks at your local copier dealership.  Nor will I bring into question the validity of PagePack relative to the offerings from HP or Ricoh – well, okay, maybe I will do a few comparisons, but no slamming.

I will talk about the wonderful world of Managed Print Services and what lies over the horizon.  So what? What makes me so different? The MPS ecosystem is chock full pundits, marketing content, experts and talking heads. What can you expect from my little corner of the universe? Unique perspective.

You see, in addition to the occasional blog post, my 9 to 5 job is as the MPS Practice Manager for a West Coast VAR (not a copier dealer).  As I tap out these words, my thoughts wander to the business review I have in two days.  I’m fresh off a half dozen Managed Print Services client presentations.  To my left, a stack of real world, assessments, proposals and impact statements. On my right,  HP EPrint and Mobility certifications, invitations to a Xerox/CISCO event in the Big Apple, my notes from the recent “RICOH and U” MDS road show and a ConnectWise tutorial. I manage to my P/L, have a funnel and work with our marketing department on demand generation. I evaluate new MPS partnerships (PagePack, Axxes, ROI, Preo, etc.) every 90 days.

So yes, I see MPS not from the press box, sidelines or band section – my helmet is scraped with opposing team’s colors and that’s a clump of sod stuck in my facemask. In short, I see what you see.

So let’s get started.


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