Help for Administering MPS Contracts

Print and IT VARs spend a lot of time thinking about how managed print changes their business models and sales activities. What some overlook is the impact the move has on back-office operations.

Laser’s Resource Inc. has spent a lot of time thinking about back-office changes—it’s had plenty of opportunity to do so. An early pioneer in managed print, the company finalized its first managed print agreement in January 2003 and has seen the business grow ever since.

Along with getting the staff to shift its focus from how many printers it sells to how many pages its customers were printing per month, the company installed a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system early in the managed print transition. The ERP application handles a wide range of key activities related to managed print. In particular, the solution helps Laser’s Resource manage contracts and contract renewals, billing based on actual meter readings, invoicing and other aspects of the managed print business.

The software is a big step forward from the complex spreadsheets that used to monitor customer accounts. “Using the system has helped us with both efficiency and projecting a more professional invoice and presence,” says Tom Senecal, president.

In addition, the company had no way of easily managing customer accounts and determining whether a given customer was profitable for Laser’s Resource or not. By automating many processes such as calculations on toner cartridges and maintenance for customers, the ERP system enabled the company to keep close tabs on the growth of its managed print services business.