It’s Been a Great Time Writing for Business Transformation

August 19, 2011 – “Hello World”

I’ve been contributing to the Business Transformation Center since 2011. Its been an honor and a heck of a lot of fun. The story of how I was able to secure a position with UBM is a great one – if you and I ever meet, make sure to ask me about it.

Back then, I was a practice manager on the edge of this bold new movement, managed print services. Not only that, the MPS practice was part of a $135M, traditional, west coast, IT VAR. The opportunity literally dropped into my lap as everyone above me was fired. You see, for 6 months, the practice was running under water at negative $25k each month – ouch. Well, one thing led to another, we pulled the practice out of the fire, constructing a sustainable MpS entity. After a strong year, we initiated the second phase – merging the MPS practice into the overall managed services portfolio, right there with Help Desk, Unified Communications, Virtualization, Data Center, ITLS and Staff Augmentation – good times.

Meanwhile, I picked up the ball here at the Business Transformation Center.

Over the years, we’ve talked about team building and the definition of managed print services. We’ve explored compensation models and how to hire managed print services professionals. We’ve gone to the cloud, covered MPS fundamentals, discussed selling strategies, the importance of good partnerships, qualifying, managed services versus manage print services and sales manager ride alongs.

Oh, the times we’ve had together.

So what’s changed since the dog days of August, 2011 in the wonderful world that is managed print services? A bunch and not so much.

Back in 2011, many industry players struggled with the definition of managed print services and fifty percent of those who ventured into the ecosystem, did not reach a high degree of success. In 2011, it was difficult keeping tally of all the new MpS tools, software systems and fulfillment programs- the number of providers seemed to double each month.

Today, if anything, things have settled. MPS is a mainstream offering and more people are talking about growing a managed print services practice into a managed services division. Dealers are moving into PC support and remote monitoring and management of non-print related devices like storage and servers. Some are getting into staff augmentation while others have simply jumped the managed print services curve into managed services. It is still a wild ride.

As I look back, it feels like so much has occurred but as I consider today’s challenges and opportunities, in a way, I am reminded of those days back in 2011 – change is just around the corner, it always has been.

For you, dear reader, I wish nothing but the best. Stay true to what motivated you in the “old days” but always keep an I on the horizon.

That’s where the fun is.


Greg Walters

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