Keep Talking

There’s reason for optimism about the managed print market this year. The Photizo Group, which tracks this area, expects 2011 growth to come in at around 20 percent, with similar gains for this year.

But savvy VARs and MSPs aren’t taking anything for granted. Many say they’re still pounding home the managed-print message by continuing to spread the word about its benefits.

For example, Michelle Carlow, president of CTS Services, identifies the most likely prospects for managed print services in her account base, but she doesn’t stop there. She and her staff make sure to educate all CTS Services clients about the strategy.

Why go to all that trouble?  “In this business environment, all strategic support programs that yield cost savings results are taken seriously,” Carlow says. “Managed print services falls into that category, and it’s the direction that many companies are taking today.”

Carlow adds. “We see tremendous opportunity for us to serve both existing and new clients with a truly valuable IT support service.”

She’s not the only one who thinks it’s important to continuously broadcast the managed print message. “We’ve discovered that many of our long-term customers who have been using us for printer repairs and supplies don’t really understand what we do and the full breadth of services that we can provide,” says Sean Carey, president, president of Laser Technologies Inc. “That was our fault. So we’ve begun a campaign to revisit our customers in person and keep them informed through regular communication such as mailers and e-mail campaigns.”

How are you spreading the word?