Language Lessons

One of the prevailing best practices for selling a new prospect on managed print services is to target C-level executives. The theory is that while it may be easier to get face time with someone in the IT department, that person may not have a clear idea of printer costs beyond the hardware itself. But a CFO will see the whole picture—from equipment to supplies and facilities expenses.

A good relationship with an IT manager can help you open the door to the C-suite, but what should you say once you’re in? The challenge is know how to speak the CFO’s language. When it comes to the printing environment, you’ll need to push all the right buttons related to keeping costs under control.

Buddy Carpenito, senior partner and owner of Print Administrate, has developed a strategy just for speaking with CFOs. “We never go in and use the term ‘money saved.’ We say this will control your costs, which will eventually lead to money saved,” he says.

One way managed print can reduce expenses–aside from actual printing-related costs–is by eliminating all the labor costs associated with print operations. And that’s music to a CFO’s ears during a period when many companies are holding the line on new hires and trying to do more with less.

“I will sit down with whoever pays the bills and show them how much time it takes to go through every single invoice, for every single department,” Carpenito says. “When the CFO or other finance person sees how long it’s taking people to process all these orders, and how–with a single source of invoices and a reporting system–they can pay the printing bill in 20 minutes, that’s the biggest seller.”

Now that you know what to say, how do you get a chance to say it? Let us know how you get your foot in the C-Suite door.