MSPs Ignore Managed Print at Their Peril

Managed service providers that focus on IT markets are missing a huge opportunity if they ignore managed print services. That’s the conclusion of Tom McDonald, president of NSI and, and he’s someone to take seriously.

NSI has long been a competitive force in IT services, printer sales and service and managed print services in Connecticut for years. McDonald acknowledges that print initially may look challenging to MSPs, but he says there are big payoffs for companies that overcome their fears. Picking proverbial low-hanging fruit from IT services customers is just one of those payoffs. The MSP is in the client account, it owns that relationship, it walks by those [printers] every day, he says. Why not get a piece of that action, along with servers, networks, security or any other IT services the MSP already provides?

What about initial roadblocks, including not understanding what it takes to succeed with print services? “The reality is that what MSPs are doing on the IT side they certainly can do on the print side,” McDonald says. “Managed IT services and managed print services are both proactive services where a customer is paying you to keep things from breaking as opposed to paying you to fix them after things break.”

So MSPs should seek out the right OEM partner and engage the customer in a discussion about managed print services. And if an MSP waits too long to make a move? The consequences may be more than a missed opportunity.

“If they don’t talk to the customer about managed print services someone else will,” he warns. “[That competitor] may have [other] managed service offerings and you don’t want them coming into that account.”