What are the top myths you hear from prospects about managed print services? You can’t have those guys from the Discovery Channel come around to bust the latest and greatest misconceptions, but arming yourself with responses in advance will result in more successful sales calls.

Here’s my list:

You’ll just use MPS as a way to sell me other products

Work group printers and MFPs aren’t secure

We’re too big/small for this to work

We don’t spend enough on printing to justify it

The most insidious one, of course, is the last one. I doubt there’s anyone who isn’t under a managed print contract who has any real idea what their company is paying to support the printer environment. So first you have to do an audit to come up with an accurate number, and then you have to convince them that your numbers are accurate. Sticker shock is a high probability. And in a sign of just how circular the discussion is probably going to be, the client may balk at having you do an assessment because you’ll just use the information to sell more products, and after all “We don’t spend enough on printing anyway to justify it.”

I like how Tom McDonald, president of NSI, deals with assessment conundrums. If it’s a big enough opportunity, he’ll push to do an audit. If it’s a smaller account, he’ll present averages about costs and savings to the customer and then start small with only one or two printers under contract initially.

What myths are you waiting to bust?