Partners Weigh In On Xerox eConcierge

Xerox introduced Xerox eConcierge™ earlier this year, and the platform is quickly becoming a key component of the print business at a number of service providers and VARs.

The Xerox eConcierge platform tracks customers’ printing fleet needs and allows them to order supplies through a solution provider’s e-commerce portal. It supports networked office printers and multifunction systems manufactured by Xerox, HP, Lexmark and Samsung.

Xerox is positioning Xerox eConcierge as a complement to its PagePack® managed print program, and that’s exactly how partners are viewing it.

For example, Bill Loiacano, CEO of SPI Innovations, a solution provider and Xerox PagePack Partner, has said his company plans to lead with PagePack, and if it doesn’t get any traction with new customers it will propose Xerox eConcierge to get a foot in the door.

Loiacano says that Xerox eConcierge can serve as an alternative for those customers that are not immediately interested in a long-term commitment to managed print. He says the program is better suited to small and midsize businesses that aren’t ready for a full-blown managed print service.

Another partner, Mike Trevisan, president of Atlantic Office and Laser Products Inc., also thinks Xerox eConcierge is a good complement to managed print services. There are certain situations where managed print just isn’t a viable option, and that’s where it can fit, he says.

For managed print service provider ATS Inc., Xerox eConcierge is already a viable offering. The company has been getting clients to register for the program almost on a daily basis, says Terry Williams, president of ATS.