Prospects You Can Count On

VARS and managed services providers that want to move to print don’t have to look far for top prospects—they’re already in the accounts database.

That’s the word from Bill Loiacano, president and CEO of SPI Innovations, a Freeland, Mich., services provider that moved to print in a big way two years ago. “We’ve seen excellent penetration with managed print when we introduce it to on-site managed service customers, where we have a relationship already built up and technology resources already in the field,” he says. “It has been much easier to introduce managed print to those clients.”

The reason: there’s already a trust relationship that’s been developed, which makes them “low hanging fruit” in Loiacano’s eyes.  “With new customers there’s a little bit of dancing you’ve got to do before the trust in reliability is built up,” he says.

Even so, Loiacano doesn’t take any prospect for granted. His company has invested in resources to successfully sell and deliver managed print. “We spend more time and money on managed print training than we do for [other] managed services,” he reports.  “Managed print requires [people] who understand financial ROI [return on investment] and why this makes sense. Managed print takes a little bit higher level of finesse than other services.”

But the investment is paying off, he adds. “We like print even more [than other services] because there’s infrastructure involved,” he explains. “If you can convince someone to do managed print you’ve got front-end infrastructure needs [to meet] like device cabling. So managed print has provided us with up-front and recurring revenue.”