Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Which vertical industries should you go after when marketing your managed print services business? The short answer: whichever ones you want.

Many VARs and service providers are accustomed to selling to and working with customers in specific industries. They’ve built up a level of expertise and a reputation in certain sectors and choose to stay within that comfort zone when delivering products and services.

That same strategy can work fine with managed print. But the fact is, just about any type of business can stand to improve its print operations and might be interested in deploying a managed print service.

Interviews with managed print service providers and VARs that offer managed print show that companies are having success in the market in a number of different sectors. Here are a few examples:

  • LaserComp has multiple customers in the insurance industry, as well as clients such as a steel plant, an accounting firm, a school and a church.
  • DocuAudit International has had lots of success going after customers in the healthcare and education markets, including small, private universities, and hospitals and medical clinics.
  • NSI has helped several small and midsize businesses move into managed print, including an accounting firm, a physicians practice, and a moving and storage company.
  • Patriot Group markets its print services to customers such as law firms and CPAs.
  • Print Administrate provides print services to healthcare institutions and increasingly to large commercial customers.

The key to attracting customers in any of these sectors is to demonstrate how much companies are currently spending on print and how much they can potentially save. That kind of business case applies to any industry.

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