Small Steps Yield Big Rewards

It may take baby steps to move customers down the managed print services path. Clients that balk at a full-scale managed-print services program often jump at the chance for something smaller. Sometimes all it takes is a solution that can address a key business concern, such as accurately documenting how much the customer spends each month on toner and other printer consumables.

Keying in on a fundamental pain point like costs can open up new revenue streams by managing printer supplies for customers that are not currently under contract. A small step like this may also lead to bigger things—such as a multi-year managed print services contract.

One small-step option is Xerox eConcierge™, which was introduced earlier this year to provide a platform for automatic consumables for end users and a quick way for VARs and MSPs to capture ongoing revenues. For example, Atlantic Office and Laser Products, a participant in the solution’s pilot program, estimates it has taken in total revenue of more than $15,000 from Xerox eConcierge, or about $4,000 to $5,000 per month. “We’re hopeful that will continue to increase as more clients are added” to the program, says Mike Trevisan, president.

Trevisan’s sales people mention Xerox eConcierge in their sales presentations whenever they make proposals or deliver printers to current or prospective customers that for various reasons aren’t immediate candidates for a more comprehensive managed print services program.

For example, the company recently had a law firm client that was buying a mid-size, color multifunction device. “We offered a five-year lease with free service by enrolling them in Xerox eConcierge,” Trevisan says. “By packaging that in we entered them into the program and were able to win business and have the most favorable positioning.”