Stay on Message

The solution providers I’ve been hearing from lately say it’s not always easy to get face time with people who will ultimately approve a managed print contract. That person may be a CFO or other senior executive, and re-evaluating the printing environment may not be at the top of their to-do lists. Or so they think. The point is, when perseverance finally gets you past the door, be ready to fully capitalize on the opportunity.

That means coming prepared with a clear message about the business benefits of managed print services. Buddy Carpenito, senior partner and owner of Print Administrate, a business unit of Technology Solutions of America in Winter Garden, Fla., boils the message down into six concise ideas. These bullet points can help sell the managed print concept and provide a framework for deeper drill downs as skeptical execs start to warm to the idea. Here’s what Carpenito emphasizes:

  •  Takeaway #1: Fixed-cost models help manage the rising costs of consumables and services
  • Takeaway #2: Managed print services frees customers to focus on business-critical tasks
  • Takeaway #3: Uptime increases thanks to automated meter reads, error alerting and supply ordering.
  • Takeaway #4: More accurate forecasting and budget controls because companies determine printing and supply costs up front
  • Takeaway #5: Reduced waste through ordering only the supplies needed
  • Takeaway #6: Reduced energy consumption through printing analysis and device consolidation

Solution providers will eventually need to fill in the details, of course, and be ready to address each decision maker’s individual concerns.  But this list is a great guide for helping solution providers hammer home why managed print is a winner.

What resonates with your customers? Let me know the talking points that help you seal managed-print deals.