Supplies Sales—A New Strategic Weapon

Steady, recurring sales of supplies can provide a welcome revenue stream for print VARs and MSPs. But that’s not the only reason—maybe not even the most important one—to lock in these types of sales.

What else is there? How about a new way to start conversations with existing and prospective customers? That’s how some VARs are describing tools like Xerox eConcierge™, which automates supplies replenishments for customers and delivers the resulting revenue to service providers. One VAR president calls Xerox eConcierge “a hunting license” to seek out new clients he couldn’t talk to before or to offer existing customers a new reason to stay loyal and ignore the overtures of competitors.

What’s new is an easy-to-deliver alternative to the programs that large office supply companies use for automatically delivering toner and consumables to clients. “Before eConcierge I couldn’t have that discussion with some of these large customers,” one solution provider mentioned recently.

He adds that Xerox eConcierge isn’t just a me-too supplies-replenishment product. When clients sign up for the tool they can also earn free service coverage for most Xerox single and multifunction printers when they order supplies through the program.

“So when we go out and talk to a customer and compare printers side by side [we tell them] ‘If you buy Xerox and eConcierge you get service for free. [With competitors] you buy supplies and still have to pay for service,’” this VAR explains.

How are you using supplies sales as a strategic weapon?