Vertical Strategies

What are the best vertical markets to target for managed-print sales? A new survey of the managed-print industry research shows the best prospects are often those that have traditionally depended heavily on paper-based processes.

That’s one of the conclusions from Managed Print Services 2011, a fascinating new study of the managed-print services market and research you’ll only find at The Business Transformation Center.

Top segments include the healthcare industry, financial services, education, communications and government.

Any—or all—of these verticals are fair game, of course, for aggressive sales staffs to target with a clear business case that outlines reduced costs and increased efficiency with a managed-print contract.

Some of these industries may be particularly ripe for picking, although convincing them of that will take persistence and creativity. For example, budgets in education and government are tight and getting tighter, but that doesn’t mean opportunities don’t exist. New spending for CapEx is likely off the table for these organizations. But that theoretically makes the OpEx message that’s at the core of managed services a more attractive sell these days. How do you convince them? An assessment will help. Thorough documentation of their current costs and potential savings will likely be an eye-opener. No requirement for big up-front investments adds appeal.

What else works? You tell me. We’d all love to hear what works and what doesn’t these days.