What The Numbers Really Mean

VARs can be excused if they’re feeling a little whipsawed by all the statistics swirling around managed print services. On the one hand, a leading association covering MPS continues to present upbeat market forecasts. It estimates that more than one-third of hardcopy device procurements will take place through managed-print contracts by next year.

At the same time, the Institute for Partner Education & Development (IPED), which focuses on channel trends, found as recently as two years ago that only about 5 percent of all business printers were under a managed services contract.

This apparent discrepancy may stem from differences in global vs. domestic markets or maybe we really are poised to see a classic, inverted hockey stick when it comes to charting the growth in managed print services over the next year.

Or maybe trying to reconcile the two numbers is a waste of time.

Market forecasts are always subject to change and valuable more for showing general direction rather than for take-it-to-the-bank numbers. So prudent VARs will note that managed print is growing and concentrate on what’s really important—the time is now to establish a leadership position in this area.

It’s time because the market is full of low-hanging fruit. And because its fundamental value proposition—better managed and more predictable costs–speak directly to client needs in this still-sputtering economic recovery.

In light of this, here are a couple of resources that will stimulate your thinking about managed-print strategies:

As these resources show, managed-print numbers don’t lie, you just need to listen to them carefully.

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