Will You Grow or Contract in 2012?

Tumult and struggle, transformation and acknowledgement fade in the rearview mirror as we move out of 2011 and into 2012. The end of 2011 brings us much hope, as does every year-end.  How are you different today versus January, 2011?

What will you look like next year this time?

For that matter, what will we all look like?  In a word? More.

More competition, more consolidation, more movement, more mystery, expansion, mistakes, and profit – for those who survive – there will be more of everything.

This year won’t be the same as last year –we’ll see a stronger shift towards managed services.  Still, there is a great deal of business from toner supply and services.

Xerox will send more and more into the ecosystem – bigger programs above and beyond PagePack 3.0 supported by hordes of people. The channel will be vibrant and expansive, moving into more heady exploits like managed services, network operation centers and multi-tiered service level agreements.

I see the Xerox/MPS/managed-services play increasing in scope and value for both the traditional copier dealers and the VAR newcomers.  I also see crossover as we play in their (VAR) backyard and they in ours.

I see the OEMs both hindering and helping in this adventure – it is up to you to decide who you partner with, and that means really knowing who you are and where you wish to go. What does that mean for us already in MPS?  It means we will be presented, again, with an opportunity to evolve. To either expand or contract.

This is a pivotal year for all of us, as is every year. If we keep our heads up, we will see even more opportunity in content and technology, not just MPS and managed services.

And then we ask, what will 2013 bring?