Accelerate Managed Print Sales

One of the value props of managed print services is to help managed services providers unleash new revenue streams. And while the benefits like these are real—check out CTS Services Inc.’s experiences—they don’t tell the whole story. Untapped revenues are untapped for a reason. It takes hard work and market savvy to get them flowing, even for MSPs that already have a strong service-delivery foundation to build on.

Challenges include winning the hearts and minds of clients who may still see printers and MFPs as resources peripheral to their core IT operations, not devices that will benefit from the same level of management and cost controls as servers and networks.

To overcome this hump, MSPs first need to understand the needs of two distinctly different types of potential customers. First, MPS can be a natural extension of the services business an MSP has with existing clients. Second, it’s a way to attract new clients who sign on for the first time in an attempt to get their printing house in order. And, of course, every managed print contract sold to a new client is an opportunity to say, “Oh, by the way, have you ever considered these other types of managed services?”

To educate prospects about the benefits of managed print services, service providers will first need to give their own sales and marketing teams the tools they need. The right partner program can help with certifications, formal training and technical support to effectively get the message out to clients (for help, see this series of “Managed Print Field Reports”).

In the end, the up-front work will pay off. In today’s do-more-with-less business environment, managed print services offer a clear message to all types of clients that are open to new ideas for saving costs.

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