Old-School Communications Still Deliver Prospects

There’s a lot of buzz around the value of social media sites for identifying potential new customers and educating them about the benefits of managed print services. But don’t let that steer you away from a multichannel communications strategy that uses all available tools to promote MPS.

For example, ATS Inc., a Raleigh, N.C., provider of printers and related services, found that targeted e-mails are among the best ways to communicate with both existing customers and prospects.

“We create a message about a specific benefit of managed print, then do an e-mail blast to our target clients every 30 to 45 days,” says Terry Williams, president. “Overall, our objective is to continuously educate the customer through a consistent campaign.”

Another benefit of the e-mail campaign is that it’s driving traffic to the company’s Web site, which acts as a parallel medium for marketing the managed print services.

It’s easy to see how a blend of old-school (i.e., traditional Web sites and e-mail blasts) and new-school technologies like social media can naturally complement each other. A LinkedIn group and Facebook page provide an interactive forum to announce new deals, interact with the market and cultivate new leads. Here are two social media examples—one using Facebook, the other LinkedIn—that show what the technology can do for managed-print activities.

But when it’s time to soften up top prospects for in-person meetings, custom e-mails sent out on a formal schedule will keep you on the radar of organizations most likely to close a deal in the near future.

Old school vs. new school: What works for you?